Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Future of Transportation

A new study, launched by MIT, will explore the future of transportation and what might affect it.

As part of the MIT Energy Initiative (, a new study called "Mobility of the Future" has been launched to model the consequences of how technology, infrastructure, policy and consumer choices will affect the future of transportation. The study will mostly focus on ground transport and will have an emphasis on the movement of people. 

Transportation accounts for around 19% of the globe's energy needs, at the moment, but this is expected to rise due to emerging economies with a growing middle class. The new study will try to answer questions on how to reduce the energy demands of transportation systems in the future. 

Professor Robert Armstrong, Director of MIT Energy Initiative and a chemical engineer says "It is recognised that transportation is the most challenging economic sector to decarbonize". 

The study will look at the potential widespread use of advanced vehicles like hybrid-electric, all-electric and fuel cell vehicles, as well as the consequences of using electricity, biofuels and hydrogen to power them. Vehicle automation will also be focused upon, especially how government policy may affect the introduction and use of this type of technology. 

Consumer choices will also play a big part in the study, with how we decide to travel in greater urbanised areas and how these decisions are influenced by policy changes and infrastructure being looked at. Additionally, data on attitudes towards owning a car and how much a person uses their car will be collected, to see if these attitudes vary among different age groups and cultures. 

Scenarios will be identified and then simulated in very advanced models to understand the consequences. These will then be used to inform governments, city-builders and industry stakeholders.

For a full and detailed list of all the aspects covered in this study, go to

The study will bring both academics and industry experts together with the support from key industry stakeholders providing their perspectives on important mobility problems. 

MIT Energy Initiative

Composed of a multi-disciplinary team from across MIT, this initiative is helping to develop technology and solutions to the world's energy needs. Founded in 2006, its mission is to advance clean, affordable energy solutions while reducing environmental impacts and helping to reduce climate change. MIT Energy Initiative engages with both governments and industry through its Low-Carbon Energy Centers to inform decision makers on their comprehensive reports and other research. 

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